Check Out This FREE Mac App That Does Smart Beat And Vocal Isolation

There is a great free app by Algoriddim that does not get enough attention and is extremely beneficial for any DJ or producer.

The Mac app, called Neural Mix Pro, lets you isolate and extract different parts of a song, like its drum beat or vocals. You can then export those segments and use them for DJing or remixing with the app or device of your choice.

Neural Mix was introduced inside the Djay app for iPhones and iPads back in June. The feature is supposed to use AI to let the app instantly fade out different portions of whatever song is playing, letting you mute or isolate the vocals, the drums, and all the instruments in between.

It’s a really powerful tool for DJing, particularly for amateurs who might not have their own library of isolated stems from different tracks.

The new app turns Neural Mix into a standalone tool, without the ability to DJ built-in.

You load up one song at a time, and you can then select which elements you want to isolate. From there, you can select segments of the song to speed up, slow down, or pitch shift, and then export your selection.