Steven Armstrong: Album Cover Artwork


I specialize in Cartoon and Illustrations with a graffiti look. I am a Sneakerhead, so the kicks are always on point!

If you can provide a sketch that doesn’t matter how bad it looks, that helps me to ensure I can bring your design to life the way YOU want it to be. Typically includes 1 character and a simple background.

-The 4 Step Process:

  1. Start with a base “sketch” (gray or blue’ish tones) *this is where I can make changes easily and without charging you.
  2. Inking (black lines, ready for color) can still accommodate changes but charge for time added. **so please, gather your thoughts prior to sending a response back*
  3. Colors sent for approval (no shadows or highlights added) easy to swap colors
  4. Final details added, and sent off to show the world!

Pricing includes 3 revisions.

Credits: Devvon Terrell, Futuristic, King Vader IG, Bobs Burgers (FOX)