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Our goals for the Starter Spotify Campaign are 3-6 placements PLUS 25 submissions!

We can not guarantee any amount of streams or playlist placements. All packages are pitched to real independent user curated playlists. You are paying for songs to be considered for placement by independent curators. We pay independent curators to listen to your song and consider including it on one of their playlists, but they will only post it if it organically fits. Campaign will range 30-45 days depending on each independent curator.


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  • I’d like to get my money refunded and cancel this if possible. I was worried about using the spotify promotion through you guys because the last time I did it was a total bust and I didn’t get any streams from the playlists which is what is happening right now. My song is a POP song and was put on these TRAP playlists. Furthermore, it has been 3 days since the placements and I haven’t seen ANY streams show up for the playlists that my song was put on.

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