Silver Spotify Campaign: Spotify Campaigns


Our goals for the Silver Spotify Campaign are:

    • Roughly 20k Streams
    • Roughly 2-6 Playlists
    • & You Get A FREE 30 Day Release Plan

We can not guarantee any amount of streams or playlist placements. All packages are pitched to real independent user curated playlists. We list ranges based on past results and numbers that we feel confident we can normally hit. You are paying for songs to be considered for placement by independent curators. We pay independent curators to listen to your song and consider including it on one of their playlists, but they will only post it if it organically fits. Our goal is to hit the targeted numbers within 30 days, but if we haven’t we will continue to pitch the song. If after 60 days we still have been unable to reach the targets, we will give you feedback from our curators as to why this may have been the case.