Samad Savage: Mixing


For reference, Listen to my music. I'm willing to make adjustments with a limit of three updated exports.




  • From what I gave Samad to what he gave back was a 300% difference. He really made my vision come to light so much that it got me emotional. I couldnt have asked for a better mix/master. He even sprinkled beautiful vocal effects into it and just overall really made it a masterpiece. Samad is so incredibly talented. Thank you brother

  • Fast and quality

  • Great quality mix as expected! Good communication as well.

  • goot attention to detail in the mix 🙂

  • Samad smooth wit it .

  • Samad pulled through and I was completely happy with everything in the end

  • An amazing mix and master! There were some complications at the beginning on my part, but he was very understanding and was able to help me out with it!

  • Samad works hella good