Orrlando Azteca: Vocal Feature


Orrlando Azteca Package: 8 lines total, half a verse, designed to fit within both our brands.

The only disclaimers are:
1- I kindly ask that you don’t break the recording into sections (it must play beginning to end)
2- Equal volume levels in final song, and that it will be released fully mastered
3- I cannot guarantee the mixed vocals will match yours exactly. You can further mix on your own or add my mixing/mastering services so I can match both).

English and/or Spanish available. Collaboration comes with 1 post for 30 days and 2 stories on IG/FB/TikTok.

PLEASE READ: By requesting one of my packages, it is assumed that you have checked the links from the portfolio, and understand what you will be getting based on the examples. You may watch videos under the same channel to get a better idea. Serious inquiries only. This package means we will be co-owners of the song writer’s share, or equally own the remainder of what you own for the song’s writer’s share. This ensures my investment in this project and pushing for its success.

*****P.S.: Ask me how to get a free feature!! May also include some of the upgrades!!*****