nobigdyl.: Music Reviews


Born in the Bay Area and raised in the rural south, Tennessee rapper/songwriter nobigdyl.’s sound embodies the eclectic nature of his upbringing. A storyteller at heart, his lyrics are part memoir, part stream of consciousness as he wrestles with concepts such as faith, ego, love, and loss. Gliding over production ranging from hard-hitting to ethereal, dyl. employs wit and introspection as he explores what it means to be a black boy raised in the backwoods of Tennessee.

nobigdyl.’s 2017 independent release Canopy hit billboard charts and got the attention of Capitol CMG. In 2018 he released SOLAR under the label which would land him his second top ten on iTunes hip-hop. Deciding he wanted to own his masters and creative control, he parted ways with CMG and released his newest offering LOWERCASE TAPE. which Genius named a top 50 album of 2019.