Knox Hill: Music Reviews


I am not a product of hip hop, I’m just a product of the environment I grew up in. Much love to PG County, MD where I was born and raised – the lessons of rap were taught to me from day 1. I’ll never forget the countless battles, walking into the underground mic nights being the only white kid and being told this music wasn’t for me. Thank you for all the losses – for all the times I was told ‘no’.

Music is my outlet, my source of survival. I believe in hip hop with a message, rap from the heart. My songs are the expression of a man torn by identity, of an introvert trying to express himself in a crowd. My past, my pain, my struggle is all put into my lyrics and these words are my soul. I’m here to to heal hearts and to help minds navigate this great twisted mess we call life. Welcome to the universe of Knox Hill.