Jack White: Consulting


I am a manager, label owner, distributor, and consultant. I believe in decentralizing the music industry and providing musicians health insurance and assist in doing so by helping them incorporate as a business. I just really like this industry.

Always one to take the road less-traveled, Jack White began his music career in local bands when he was 12 only to graduate to touring bands by the time he was 14 and graduating high school a year early in order to accommodate for his touring schedule. He owes it all to his beard which he has been able to grow since he was 10, allowing him to lie about his age to join bands and go to shows.

Following years of touring, Jack found that he was a far better skilled communicator and delegator than he ever was a bassist and opted to move on to management briefly managing the careers of Driver Friendly (Hopeless Records) and The Young Electric(Tragic Hero Records). Unlike playing in bands where having a beard showed some sort of status, that was lost in email communication with people that had been doing this for years and could sense his inexperience.

Undeterred, but realizing he needed to take somewhat of a detour, he attended the University of Texas at Austin earning his Bachelor’s, prior to enrolling in Carnegie Mellon University‘s “Master of Entertainment Management” Degree for post-grad. From there he moved to L.A. and learned the business from the ground up at some of the most prestigious management firms and talent agencies, included the coveted Paradigm Talent Agency, where he worked as an agent trainee. Always an entrepreneur at heart, he left the agency and began Get Even Entertainment where he developed a roster of excited up-and-coming bands in the scene, eventually becoming a person of influence through relentless networking. Jack met John in 2020 and there was an instant chemistry that led to the creation of Action Artist Group in February 2021.

Always looking for something new to do, Jack began Art & War Music Group in April 2021 which suses a label/management/distribution hybrid model allowing artists more freedom and the ability to structure their own deal. Art & War Music Group is distributed by ONErpm and is a member of the Draper Startup House Ecosystem.

Standard Length: 1 Hour