Dubbygotbars: Vocal Feature


I go by the name Dubbygotbars, but everyone calls me Dubby. I was born in the small town of Gettysburg, Pa and as of 3 years ago, I moved to Atlanta, Ga to continue pursuing a career in making music. I’ve been creating hip-hop and pop music for 10+ years and have released over 200 songs while also performing with artists such as Big Sean, Tyga, B.o.B, Futuristic, Cam Meekins, Twista, Caskey, Kid Ink, and a bunch more that I can’t even think of…

Since moving from Pennsylvania and away from a toxic environment, I’ve been able to build my own home studio and really dive into the engineering side of things which allows me to create 10X the amount of music and work from home. Ghostwriting and production have been the main focus of my career ever since COVID hit and being behind the controls has allowed me to grow astronomically as an artist.

My latest project release was my 3rd album entitled “Heart & Havoc 2” which actually features the artist (Charles Infamous) that told me to connect with Indie Amplify. I created the entire project from home and I’ll be finishing up the next one in late December of 2021.

My dream is to make music forever and I’ve been working so hard to do so and by associating myself with Indie Amplify, it is bound to evolve even more. I really hope I meet your standards, as I’ve been grinding to do so. I appreciate the consideration.


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