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Crypt is an American rapper and YouTuber. He started his self-titled YouTube channel on June 15, 2012 and has acquired 1,000,000+ subscribers. Crypt is mostly known for his contribution in the hip hop industry, from releasing raps to reviewing and reacting to ones.



  • He does quick work, and is always honest

  • You’re here, just send crypt your song, trust me.

  • He was very helpful and honest!

  • Gave his honest review and I appreciate honesty.

  • Super genuine guy and amazing review!

  • quick and easy

  • Thank You for getting back quickly. Appreciate it!!

  • Just heard all of it, I am so happy I got a chance to get you to hear my song, with the mix of dyslexia, adhd and me being a complete dumbass, I think I did okay for a new guy. I hope to get better soon so I can have a shot on being on a future cypher with you and some homies. Much love Crypt and I’ll keep grinding for more reviews.