Chris Webby: Vocal Feature


5K all inclusive (swipe up, hard post on socials, primary artist on Spotify)

A 12+ year veteran in the game, Chris Webby has a proven track record of lyrical prowess, versatility, and a relentless independent spirit that has garnered him a diehard fanbase across the world. Their loyalty is shown both in the numbers online, and the crowded, often sold out shows on the countless tours he’s headlined. His range spreads from vibe setting, melodic, and lighthearted music, to hard hitting, bar laden, and often controversial tracks that he is often more known for. Webby has never been big on doing features unless he genuinely wants to do it, and usually only works with artists he has a personal relationship with and on songs he genuinely likes and wants to get behind. His pricing package on here reflects that mindset.

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