Cedarius Luttery: Album Cover Artwork


My name is Cedarius Luttery. I am an independent faith based Hip-hop /R&B artist. Outside making my music I create my own digital album coverart designs for my singles, EPs, Mixtapes, albums. (I also have made flyers for birthday parties / events for my children, family and friends if interested in that.) I either use a photo of my own or find a photo thats available to use that i feel shows the meaning of the song. I feel that the coverart of a song plays a strong factor in a song / mixtape /album / EP chances of getting or not getting played. You can have an awesome NO amazing song , but if the cover art is poorly made or doesn’t look interesting people wont click on it. I make my cover arts based off that with time , effort and passion and if you select me to design yours i would do the same.