Carter Reeves: Vocal Feature


Carter Reeves is finally being honest with his music. Anybody can resonate with his authentic songwriting, woven with laid back surf chords, and melodic intonation. Although his style has evolved significantly in the years since touring as the front man of the duo, Aer, Carter still incorporates many different genres. Delicately combining indie, pop and hip hop into its own unique identity. 
 While he’s not in love with the term ‘bedroom pop,’ Carter is consumed with producing, singing, and writing almost exclusively out of his bedroom studio. Some days he’s in there filming endless takes of what he claims to be comedic videos, most of which will never see the light of day. Some days he’s playing the same guitar part for an hour straight, but whenever he finally emerges, you can find him at Hashimoto Nursery bringing home another plant to tend to.

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