Bronze AI-Powered Spotify Playlist Matching: Spotify Campaigns


Get matched with the top 25 playlist curators for your music in 48 hours or less and get battle-tested, copy-paste templates to reach out to them!

Our custom AI-powered algorithm will…
– Analyze your song
– Comb through our database of thousands of vetted playlist curators
– Match you with 25 curators for your song based on your style, genre, BPM, quality of the playlist, and much more.

We’ll send you…
– A spreadsheet of the 25 curators
– Their contact info
– And a guide on how to engage with them to maximize your chances of getting added to their playlist!

We’ll need your song link, email, and phone number to service your campaign.
* Please note that the 48-hour timeframe does not begin at the time of order, it begins after payment has been collected.