Bronze AI-Powered Spotify Playlist Matching: Spotify Campaigns

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Get matched with the top 25 playlist curators for your music in 48 hours or less and get battle-tested, copy-paste templates to reach out to them!

Our custom AI-powered algorithm will…
– Analyze your song
– Comb through our database of thousands of vetted playlist curators
– Match you with 25 curators for your song based on your style, genre, BPM, quality of the playlist, and much more.

We’ll send you…
– A spreadsheet of the 25 curators
– Their contact info
– And a guide on how to engage with them to maximize your chances of getting added to their playlist!

We’ll need your song link, email, and phone number to service your campaign.
* Please note that the 48-hour timeframe does not begin at the time of order, it begins after payment has been collected.


  • Thanks for the help

  • Good work and quick!

  • I appreciate Indie again with the Spotify playlist listing. Have gotten great numbers since, more trying to keep the engagement consistent now. Unfortunately quite a few on the list did not respond after a few emails and a couple didn’t have necessarily anything concrete that made it legit.

    Will be contacting soon again on ad packages. Main objective for this year is getting the one’s listening to stay listening and gain more. So far with these streams and shows coming up think I’m off to a good start.

    Again thank you

  • Great service