ArjaySoul: Vocal Feature


Not your regular R&B singer – the versatile and independent artist – ArjaySoul is not afraid to take risks when creating his own wave in music. The Arizona-native is no stranger to turning heartbreak to breakthrough and adapting to his environment. At 13 years old his father was shot, but he expresses in his single “Worst Behavior” that he knew a shift in his emotions was necessary to level up his mindset. After dropping out of college after his first year, Arjay was homeless and working double shifts just to get time in the studio but going back to his old life was never an option. While confident in his own sound and calling as an artist, he finds inspiration from Grammy Award winning artists like H.E.R., Drake, and Jhené Aiko. He also lives by the quote, “Luck is just being prepared at all times, so when the door opens you’re ready”, stated by one of the most illustrious artists in rap history – Nipsey Hussle who Arjay references in his newest single “Numb Rant”. Arjay’s fans empathize with his hardships and struggle that he communicates through his ghostly sound and lyrics. The singer initially exhibits a soft-spoken peculiarity but strives for his fans to get to know him for his childlike heart. Once living in survival mode, Arjay flips the switch to beast mode and is hyped to soon share his 11-track project with the world.

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