Abstract: Vocal Feature


Abstract, when asked what his creative process feels like, the 28 year-old independent artist would respond “therapeutic”. With a knack for storytelling, he provides introspective motivation to all who take the time to dive into his work. Notably known for his remix of Ruth Bs Lost Boy “Neverland” which has garnered hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube, his work with Drumma Battalion and Roze, his 2016 album Something to Write Home About, and his one of a kind film/album “Super Human”. He heads a collective known as “A Team Worldwide” 5 musicians from 4 different countries. Producers Drumma Battalion of Norway, Blulake of Sweden, Cryo Music of Scotland, and Abstract, who was raised in Jackson, WY, USA. In late 2018 ATWW his album, Super Human. Two years in the making it marked the first project of it’s kind. A multimedia experience with a short film written and directed by Abstract that picked up where his last album left off and introduced viewers to the Super Human story which plays out through the album. He has toured overseas supporting YONAS, in 2019 he headlined overseas for his first time selling out Munich and London with support from Ollie and has toured the US multiple times, most recently supporting Futuristic. He also owns a clothing brand known as Moon 52 and he has created a handful of App Store Games in support of his music. He released a brand new album entitled “Kintsugi” in 2020 to critical acclaim.

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