Rewind The Radio And More With The OB-4

Have you ever heard a song and by the time you try to Shazam it or realize you didn’t catch the name, you forget the lyrics and don’t know what to Google or how to find the song?

Well, now you can just rewind live radio, Spotify playlists, or whatever you play through this speaker.

The Swedish electronics maker Teenage Engineering just introduced a rewindable radio and speaker system called the OB-4.

For $599, you can own the OB-4 and rewind the last 2 hours of anything played through it.

Check out more information from the company below:

“Have you ever wished you could instantly rewind when listening to the radio, to hear the title of the song just played? OB–4 continuously memorises everything you listen to on an endless looping tape.

Rewind, time-stretch and loop at the flick of your fingertips. on purpose or by accident. instant rewind on radio is just one of the OB-4’s magic tricks.”