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This is the best $100 you can spend in the industry. You will get every book, agreement, and checklist we have on our site. The full bundle includes:


  1. The Declaration of Independents by Futuristic (Digital Copy)
  2. Crackin’ The Algorithm For Music Videos On YouTube by AKT Aktion (Digital Copy)
  3. Spotify: The Ultimate Guide by Kyle Treadwell & Hayden Riese (Digital Copy)


  1. Management Agreement (Basic)
  2. Management Agreement (Advanced)
  3. Single Record Contract
  4. Multi-Record Contract
  5. Publishing Agreement
  6. Producer Agreement
  7. Feature Artist Agreement
  8. Termination & Release Agreement
  9. Consulting Agreement
  10. Artist Rider
  11. Tour Merchandise Tracking Spreadsheet


  1. Artist Release Checklist
  2. Stage Equipment Checklist
  3. Tour Essentials Checklist

The total cost of all of these individually is nearly $200, but you can get them all for $100 when you get the ALL-IN-ONE Bundle!


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