how it works

how it works

Step 1:

Request Your Service

Choose the artist you would like to request a service from and click the book now button. You will then be directed to a request form that the user will need to fill out in its entirety

Step 2:

Artist Reviews Request

Once you fill out the request form, the artist will review your request. If the artist has any questions for you they will be able to contact you through your user dashboard. The artist will have 7 days to respond to a service request.

Step 3:

Submit Payment

Once an artist has approved your request you will receive a email and a notification in your dashboard to make the payment. The artist will not start until the payment is made.

Step 4:

Artist Works On Request

After your payment has been completed the artist will get started on your feature. The artist will then have 4 weeks to complete your feature (except YouTube Reactors who have 14 days). The artist can contact the user within the dashboard to ask any questions.

Step 5:

Receive Product

Once the artist has completed their work, you will receive a notification with the link to download the necessary files.

Step 6:

Artist Gets Paid

After you have received the final product, the request is marked completed and then the artist is paid for their work.