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Can anyone create an account and offer their services on INDIE AMPLIFY?

Not exactly. We want to make sure that each artist on INDIE AMPLIFY is offering a high-quality service and the price is fair so we have to vet each applicant. We have an application form you can find on the Contact Us page if you are interested in joining the platform!

What is the refund policy?

Each service has a different refund policy. For every service on the website, if you do not get what you paid for within a certain time frame, your money will be fully refunded to you.

I tried to book someone but it was rejected, why is this?

If you make an offer and get rejected, we will try to give you a reason to explain why this is. It could just be that the Affiliate is busy or out of the country, that it wasn't a good fit, or a variety of other reasons.

I don't have money to spend on this website but want to keep improving my craft, what should I do?

Follow INDIE AMPLIFY on YouTube or check out our Learn page. We will be posting new videos every week with FREE advice for how to navigate the industry.

I have a different question that isn't listed on this FAQ page, what should I do?

First, check the specific service page you have a question about. Each page has their own FAQ section at the bottom of it. If you still don't find an answer, we have a Contact page where you can send us an email with a simple question. Or if it is a little more complex, we offer a FREE 15 minute call with one of our staff members.