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We’re The Plug!

Indie Amplify is the one-stop-shop you’ve always dreamed of: eliminating the hassle of searching, negotiating, and communicating with unnecessary parties on your quest to make the perfect creative content for your brand.

Not exactly. We want to make sure that each Amplifier on INDIE AMPLIFY is set up correctly so we have to vet each applicant. Once you have an account and set up a product it will be pending until our team can review and approve your product.  This process can take up to seven (7) days.  If your product does not abide by our Terms and Conditions you will receive an email informing you on why and how to fix it.  If you do not make the changes your product will not be approved to be on Indie Amplify.

For every service on the website, if you do not get what you paid for within the listed turnaround timeframe, at no fault of your own, you may request that your money be fully refunded to your PayPal account used when placing the request.  Services do not include Digital Product Resources.

If you submit a request and it gets rejected we will try to give you a reason to explain why this is.

It could just be that the Amplifier is busy or out of the country, that it wasn’t a good fit, or a variety of other reasons.

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