Futuristic (Zachary Beck)

Founder and CEO

As an Independent Artist and Entrepreneur, Futuristic has acquired over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the music industry! In 2015, Futuristic hit the charts with his album, The Rise, which hasn’t stopped ascending since. In the past five years he has released six more albums, had 65 songs hit over a million streams on Spotify, his album Still on the Rise hit #1 on iTunes, and now the owner and overseer of multiple successful businesses, his most recent venture being Indie Amplify. During his own successful artistic journey, Futuristic has always been a catalyst for seeking out more innovative and resourceful ways for independent artists to make a living off of their art. With his new all-inclusive web-based platform, Indie Amplify, Futuristic accomplished exactly that!

Now he wants to share his knowledge with you, to help you learn, help you grow, and help you become a more successful artist. Are you ready?


Tonya Watkins

General Manager

Tonya brings 20 years of Business Management experience to our team. Originally from Illinois, she relocated to Arizona in December 2019 for her new position as Business Manager of ONLYFUTURISTIC LLC. Through her work and life long relationship with Futuristic, she has established relationships with many of our artists on Indie Amplify and is ready to help you connect with them to build your own career.